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The following are some unsolicited comments from listners of the music CD. If you want to add your testimonial, email it to

Truly Enjoyable
I participated with the HawKings workshop and choir the year before the CD was made, and I missed singing and hearing the songs we learned. I am SO glad that the CD is available and I can enjoy the blessings of the workshop all over again, continuously! Thank you so much!

LaVerne Smith, VA

If you want a blessing purchase the Hawkings CD. It's AWESOME!
The Hawkings CD is a blessed and anointed accomplishment of true gospel that trurly captures your soul and blesses your heart with lyrics that brings the soul closer to christ. I am so greatful to God who inspired this aggregation of believers to come together in a oneness in worship to Christ. This is a must hear, must purchase CD that will bring you into a higher place of praise. The choir,writers,musicians and directors came together and brouht fourth a more perfect praise to The almighty God. All glory, honor and praise be unto Him for this CD, SIMPLY AMAZEING.

Brenda Richardson, Fredericksburg, VA

A good CD where each song has a meaning.
When I purchased and received this CD, I played it over and over. It gives you a good uplifting feeling.

Pat Robinson, VA

Beautiful. Liked by everyone who has heard it.
Awesome grace was the reason for buying the cd the cd turned out to be extremely god to listen re;isten relisten relisten etc

Clifton Boone

This CD is ANNOINTED! You must have it in your CD collection.
From the time I put the CD in my vehicle I have played it. This CD is so annointed it truley is High and Lifted Up! I am on the road everyday long distance, this CD takes me where I'm going and brings me back "High" and "Lifted Up"! If you don't have this CD you must get it, you won't regret it.

Cheryl Lynn Sheppard, Bailey's Crossroads, VA

Gospel Music at it's Best.
This is gospel music at it's best. This CD is full of quality gospel sound and lyrics that truely lift up the name of Jesus!

Kevin Barnes, Richmond, VA

A Must Have for Gospel Music Lovers
This CD knocked me off my feet! It was amazing. From the opening track to the close it was a blessed recording. My favorite selection is "Awesome Grace" by Min. Rodney Teal. This is a testimony song. All of the selections are perefect for church choirs, small groups, etc. This is the best in traditional gospel with a touch of urban flair. It is a must have for your music collection.

Howvard Brooks, Alexandria, VA

A Must Have!
It will keep your spirit High & Lifted Up as God ministers his Awsome Grace through this CD. A rare CD where every song is a HIT.

Trisha Bell, Forestville, MD

Very uplifting and Soul Stirring
I was very moved by the songs on this CD. I was in need of a break through from the Lord. This message was given to me from the CD that great is the lord and his awesome grace because he is high and lifted up. No matter what, the sun will shine because he has everything I need if we bless your name as we give him thanks. After all that, joy comes in the morning. Then we can reach all the world and let's rejoice!

Terrance Young, Oakand, CA (update: demised 10/2007)

A Great CD
This CD ministers to All walks of life. It speaks to your whole being. It's truly a blessing to me, if you don't have it you need to get it.

Connie Moore, Aiken SC

It's a Blessing
Everytime I play this CD it gives me chills. There isn't a song on this CD that I don't like. I turn the radio up extra loud to drown out my voice while I pretend to sing (more like howl) the lyrics. This ministry has really blessed my soul.

Nichole Brooks, VA

It's a Blessing -- I can't take it out of the CD player in my car!
This CD ministered to my soul. The music is great, the choir is truly awesome and what I really enjoyed about the CD is that you can join right in with the choir because you understand "all the words" of the songs. If you don't have this CD you got to get it! It's all that!

Joyce, San Diego, CA