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About Our Company
It's an honor and a privilege to welcome you to the Music Ministry of HawKings Productions, Inc. Our organization prooduces, host and promotes Music Ministry Empowerment Conferences. We are excited about what God has done. The Lord has blessed the workshop conferences with anointed, knowledgeable, and powerful facilitators.

As always, this organization is committed to delivering quality services to you from the very beginning to the finale of the conferences. We know without continued prayers and participation, this could not happen. Great hospitality, informative list of workshop classes, uplifting choir rehearsals and a blessed worship concert will be the channels through which you will rejoice in the Lord.

Our Mission
Our mission is to encourage and bring souls to a spirit-filled relationship with Jesus Christ through music ministry; to encourage and inspire Christians of every denomination to the scriptural truths in music ministry; to identify the gaps that exist between present reality and God’s vision of the world through music ministry; to enable delegates of all ages to give of their time and talents to help narrow the gaps; to teach through worship, education, mission, and fellowship that music is an appropriate response of the people of God fulfilling His revelation through Jesus Christ, and to confirm that music ministry is an integral part of the Christian experience in which music calls attention to God’s presence.

In April 1992, under the leadership of Alice Hawkins and Kendall King, the first three-day music workshop was hosted at the Reid Temple A.M.E. Church in Lanham, MD. This was a combined workshop sponsored by the Redeemed Church of Christ, Alexandria, VA and Reid Temple A.M.E. Church, Lanham, MD, which was opened to the public. This workshop was blessed with delegates throughout the Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland Metropolitan area.

The workshop consisted of classes and rehearsals under the direction of Thommy Adams of Columbus, Ohio and many outstanding clinicians and musicians. Five months later, another workshop was requested by a participating delegate. With prayer and guidance from the Lord, Alice Hawkins continued on with the ministry and the vision. Since 1993 HawKings Productions has hosted annual music workshops yearly and produced and promoted workshops for many churches.

Future Goals
We will be incorporating new goals to offer specialty classes & seminars, dance classes, and a new artist showcase to children, teens and young adults, and to offer several youth scholarship funds to further their Gospel music education endeavors. Also offer tuition and funding for the beginner musician [or aspiring musician] by providing them with music lessons at a early age.

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